Marriage Is Killing Me!

There are a lot of expectation that comes with marriages. You think of the engagement, wedding planning, the dress, ceremony and honeymoon. But, what happens after that? The hardest thing to overcome is keeping love and the reason why you say “I Do” at bay when disagreements comes. Tracy Barbee provides clear content on finding the purpose of why God joined a couple together! That is a big deal! Our union is for God’s glory.

“This book will not only start conversations, but it will challenge you and your spouse to utilize the tools to have a healthy prosperous union regardless of the challenges that will arise in your life.” – R. Anderson

DEATH TO SELF – the ultimate wedding gift!

On the day of a wedding, the bride and groom will pledge five words to each other “Until death do us part.” Tracy Barbee, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, explores in her book, Marriage is Killing Me! The Process of Dying to Self, what it means to die to self, and not treat your marriage like it is Burger King, i.e. you can “Have it your way!”

Marriage is Killing Me! explores the benefits and beauty of dying to self in marriage as the backdrop to a new understanding of marriage. The book will teach you and your spouse about the essential components of a healthy marriage, the importance of having a purpose as a couple, key elements in living out that purpose, the stages you will go through in order to become one, and much more.


Marriage is Killing Me! The process of dying to self.

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